Make Money Online With a Website

How To Make Money Online With a Website ?

First, ask yourself which group do you belong to?

A. I want to quit my 9-5 job.

B. I want to supplement my 9-5 job.

C. I want to supplement my retirement income.

Why ask this? Well.. it is very important to know where we are going before jumping in the boat, right? Same goes with this business. Our motivational level is the Push we need to accompany us every step of the way.

Whether you are an A or a B we can earn money online in hundreds of ways; for FREE, meaning no money is spent just your time and hard work, or with small capital.. we call it WISE investment.

How much you will earn is up to you. Your hard work and consistency will play a great role.


“When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.” – Robert Kiyosaki


Online Business starts with a Right Mindset – do things to learn, the desire to be an expert. Connect with successful internet marketers who are willing to help others like you. Plus, you know what they say, “You become, Who you hang out with”.

I am connected with Wealthy Affiliate, an amazing community of internet marketers helping each other. We have a Free Starter Account, I would encourage you to join to get all the support you need for a successful Online Business.

Like other businesses it has its challenges. Your family and friends who are not internet savvy, will try to discourage you, or it could be yourself doubt that will keep you from being successful. Just keep in mind, it is Your Own Business, it requires Your Heart and Mind, YOUR hard work and dedication. If you fail at first, get up and learn from it.

Set some Goals, commit a few hours a day to learn and work on your business. With these mindset Sky is your limit!


Your Passion, Your Niche

1. Find a profitable NicheThis is the first step you have to make. What is a Niche? The first time I heard this word I can’t comprehend at all! It took me sometime to finally get it. Well, It is sort of a topic or a focus where you want to position your business. How it works is, most Internet Marketers pick their passion as their niche. Like fashion, make up, sports or health. They are all good but when it comes to business it has to be something we can relate to an audience with a buying power to a related product, which we will cover later. So pick your niche and we will move to step 2.

To give you an idea, below are 5 of the most profitable Niches.


top 5 profitable niche

Your Online Presence

2. Website – Now that you picked your niche, it is time to create your website. It does not need to be expensive. In fact, as a beginner I would suggest you get the free ones.

If you are not familiar about creating a website at all, I suggest you check out SiteRubix you will get 2 FREE Websites, no need to worry about hosting. It’s powered by WordPress which is very user friendly and widely used among Internet Marketers. It would look like this:

Again, your website does not need to be paid or bought yet. Play around with it a little bit. Later on you can decide whether to keep it or buy your own for a more professional look and pay for the hosting.

Your website name or in this instance, subdomain is related to your niche, after that, you pick a template.. its the look, the color and the design of your website.


Sell, Sell, Sell!!

3. Find a good Product or products to sell – Now you have the niche and the website, its time to find profitable products to sell in your website. This is where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

Top Affiliate Companies:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Commission Junction
  • Clickbank
  • Clicksure









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