How To Make Money On YouTube

Learn how to make money on YouTube in 8 simple steps.How To Make Money On YouTube

Another way of making money on the internet is YouTube. Anybody who knows how to take a video can do this, students, teens or adults. Hundreds of teenagers are doing this to make extra cash. You need any device as long as it can take a video, it can be your cellphone.

It’s what I use, its handy and easy to upload. So get your cellphones ready and start earning extra bucks out of it. No, you don’t have to be a videographer :).  Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Create a Gmail account if you don’t have it yet.
  2. Join Google+
    • to do this, log in to your Gmail account and click your email address on the top right hand side, you will see a blue button Join Google+ click it. Google+
  3. Create a YouTube account then a YouTube Channel
  4. Set up your channel and videos for monetization
    • Enable your account to monetize your videos. It takes one video approved  for monetization to make you a YouTube partner.  Learn more about YouTube partner.
  5. Verify your YouTube Partner Account
  6. Create an Adsense account
  7. Link your Adsense to YouTube.
  8.  Upload more videos and share them to your social network to get more viewers.


Don’t forget to read the YouTube Monetization Guidelines before creating more videos.

Now upload videos with great and original content! To give you an idea.. do you have a pet who likes to do tricks? There you go.

Is there any steps in making money on youtube that’s not in my list? Please share in the comment section.

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  1. Hello Elle1

    I have come to your site before, but was glad to drop in today and look through this recent post about creating YouTube videos. You have walked me through the steps of getting started and done in a way that was simply spelled out.

    I never considered using my phone to create the video. That could work.

    Well, thanks for all you do!


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