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How do I start to make  money while working from home - JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE“How can I make money online for free?”

There are several ways to make money online. You probably ask this yourself many times. Making money online is but one way to financial freedom. I’m here to help you find that answer and get you started towards that road, to live through your golden years financially free.

Before you start your internet marketing business, just so you know, generating high income does not happen overnight but when you add them up, it could total to a gold mine and just by sitting on your couch. Yes it’s true, making money while relaxing on your couch is not a myth. It’s only a matter of time, dedication and hardwork.


Who Can Make Money from Home?


  • Anybody can make money on the internet.
  • Experience is not required.
  • Success is not an event that will just take place, YOU have to work for it!


With these in mind, let’s take a quick look on how you will be a creator of a successful business online. Here are the 4 basic steps. Yes it’s that easy, just four basic steps to be successful.

  1. Choose an Interest/Passion or we call it your Niche.
  2. Build a Website
  3. SEO – Get rankings & Visitors, this is where you get to use your social media expertise.
  4. Chaching! Make Money

As you can see this involves a website. While it says no experience required, don’t let it stop you. I can help you build your website using wordpress and get rolling. In a matter of a week you will have your own site live! With or without experience and for free.


Ready to start your Profitable Online Business without spending a Dime?


As I tried and tested many ways to earn online, there’s one that stood out. It’s the best tool that took my online business to the next level and best of all, it is completely FREE to get your business started. That’s how reliable it is. You try it first sign up for zero money, no credit card required then see how it goes. Nothing to lose but all to gain.

  • Absolutely FREE training to help you get rolling with your online business.
  • Courses, video training and tutorials
  • Most active, engaging and helpful community! Ask questions and you get answers and all that groovy stuff.
  • Live Chat. We are in a business of helping others.
  • FREE 2 websites
    • Build websites in minutes using WordPress.
    • Ready to generate revenue



For questions and suggestions just leave a comment, I would be happy to help.

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  1. Hi Ellery, There is some great info in this post, straight forward and to the point. It is refreshing to here someone online explaining that it does take work to make it online and that the big money does not happen overnight. Thanks


    1. Hi Rob,

      Thank you for stopping by, it is very important for me to emphasize that big money does not happen overnight.
      I got scammed many times before with the “get rich quick” hype.



  2. I really enjoyed the simplicity of your post. It’s easy to read, clean and precise. Many of us who are newbies to the internet will find your site refreshing and feel that this is “something I can do”….There are so many complicated sites out there and when I click on one, I usually leave right away because I don’t want to be bothered no matter how good the product or advice. Congratulations on a job well done! I look forward to seeing your future posts.

    1. Hola Angela, 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my site and for the nice words.
      I’m glad that this is something the newbies would find easy and not too overwhelming. I hope to help more newbies understand our online business.

      All the best!


  3. Hi,Elle:
    I like your site. Very bright and inviting!! Lots of workable links. You are off to a great start here. Your post is to the point and very readable…

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