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You now have a website, now lets generate visitors to your site. This is the most crucial part of our business, building the connection. Without these visitors or traffic our website is as good as nothing.

Here is a short List of Websites & Directories where you need To Submit Your Blog to attract visitors therefore creating traffic, increase website traffic for free. The reason being is., your website is new and it will take time for the search engine to find  and crawl it resulting to no visitors.  By submitting your blog to other websites, you get better indexing and crawling. This also includes social networking site and social bookmarking profile which is the norm in getting traffic nowadays.

Google Webmaster tool:

Submit your website here and Google will quickly crawl all your links and index them. It also allows you to submit your sitemap to Google. This is official tool by Google, so you log in using a google or gmail account.

Quick Link: Webmaster Tool

web tool2


Bing Webmaster tool:

Bing Webmaster tool will ask for your Microsoft account, and like Google tool, submitting your website here will ensure your site is visible in Bing.


Alexa :

I’m sure many of you might not see Alexa as a credible source of ranking information and we have already discussed about this. Though, I always find alexa reporting to be useful and close to accuracy and more over, it’s a useful place to find Keywords. We will talk about it soon in another article, but yes, you can refer to my earlier guide on How to submit Website to Alexa.


To start your website visibility through facebook, you need to create a Facebook fan page. It can  get really huge blog traffic here if you do the marketing right.

Google plus:

If you have a gmail account then you are good to go. Create your Google plus page and link your blog or link your G+ to you Website as author, this is what we call Google Authorship. Learn how to create a Google plus page for your blog.


If you have a website, you need an official Twitter account. It’s is one of the famous micro-blogging and social networking site.


Google Analytics:

This is a free stats tool by Google. Highly recommended for a new website to add Google Analytics on your blog.


They manually accept/reject a blog submission, so before submitting just make sure you have enough website content.



This is a popular image-based social networking site, I find it hard to get my profile verified though. Will keep trying and will keep you posted.


IMT Website submitter

This is another online tool I just came across, it submits your website to over 1,800 places for FREE! All are mainly “who is”, “about us”, “website statistic”, etc. type of services. These over 1,800 are websites regularly crawled by Google and other Search Engine, so will be visited and indexed more frequently.

I was skeptical at first,but the nice thing about it is you don’t need to submit any information, only your domain  name. This process takes  long, in my case, 30 minutes after submitting and it’s still creating and pinging my page on up to 500+ places.


How do you build traffic, which tool did you use? Please share if its not in my list.

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